Sunday, March 13, 2011

If you give it, they will spend it.

It seems whenever the school district wants something and don't have the money to pay for it they just hold a bond election.  Well a bond is a debt.  Is that really something we should be doing when our financial situation is so precarious?  We are still paying for the 2007 bond (debt)!  We don't know how much money we will have for the next couple of years (at least!) and the superintendent and school board want to take on an additional $70 million in debt?!!  I'd venture to say none of them handle their personal finances that way!

The list of what they want to use the money for might seem okay - if we were in a stable financial situation.  Yes, it would be nice to have and do all of those things but you simply cannot do them when you do not have the money.  As stated on that list one of the things payed for with the last bond was the marquee in front of the Education Center.  We went into debt for that?!  To have a fancy sign that tells us the date, time and temperature?!  Any information listed on it can also be found on the website.  That marquee was a complete and total waste of money.  Why wasn't that money used, instead, to repair some of these school buildings if they are really as bad as the superintendent says they are?

The new bond would supposedly be used for roof repairs, A/C repairs, flooring replacements, mower, replacements, mower replacements, etc.  That should all be paid with by maintenance and operations funds!  Hence the word "maintenance"!  If the equipment such as mowers, buses, roofs, band equipment, and the like are working fine now then I say we don't take on new debt to get new things. 

When you have no money you make do with the things you have.
When you have no money you do not remodel your "house" (school buildings).
When you have no money you do not upgrade equipment and technology.
When you have no money you do not purchase new musical instruments.
When you have no money you do not renovate dressing rooms.
When you just voted to spend $43,000 per year for three years on an unnecessary energy company you don't add energy efficient anything.  I would think they would cancel each other out!

When are the citizens of Grand Prairie ever going to say no to the school district's asking for more money, and incurring additional debt EVERY THREE YEARS?!  I say enough is enough and I will most definitely vote no to the new bond proposal.

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