Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Suggestions anyone?

Attended the town hall meeting last night about Texas public school finance.  I'm sad to say there was a poor showing from the citizens of Grand Prairie.  We need to get serious about holding our elected officials and the superintendent accountable for their financial decisions made with money, in part, paid by us!  Anyway, there wasn't anything I haven't already heard throughout the whole mess which is it's all the State's fault, they are shorting us the funds we need, the minimal amount of taxes we are saving as Grand Prairie citizens could mean millions of dollars for the school district, yadda, yadda, yadda...we'll take suggestions.

Well, I have a few...

1)  Stop spending money on anything that is not entirely necessary for the direct education of children (new contract with energy company, and new Ed Center marquee anyone?)  And that is only two of the many, many, many wastes of money coming from that building!

2)  Get rid of all non-essential personnel at the Education Center.  The school district ran just fine for years without all the additional management personnel that this superintendent has hired or created positions for.  I'd be happy to name them all for you but I'd get arthritis from that much typing!

3)  Hire a superintendent that would be paid less than a quarter of a million dollars a year and probably do a better job!

4)  Do I need anymore?  Those three right there would save millions!!


  1. I find it rather concerning that the recent meetings held to discuss GPISD's financial issues and Garner have discouraged communication. One is invited to write questions or comments on a card only. If you look at the answers given to those questions, they are very disappointing, incomplete, evasive, or don't even address the question.

    Here's the link for those disappointing answers:



  2. Laura, I thought the same thing when I read the FAQ's on the district website earlier this week. Some questions were answered, some answers were vague and some questions were never really answered at all. Seems like quite a bit will be decided at the board meeting this week. We'll see...