Sunday, February 20, 2011

What's Other?

In Today's edition of the Dallas Morning News there is an article in the Metro section titled, "Educators find safe, simple uses for stimulus".  It is about how school districts used their stimulus money for a variety of programs, none particularly innovative.  At the end of the article it has a chart listing how the school districts spent the stimulus money.  It listed 57 districts with categories like teacher effectiveness, college and career readiness, data system, turn around low-performing school, and other. 

Ten districts listed only "other" as where they spent their money.  Of these ten school districts the one that received the most money and spent it on "other" was good old GPISD.  We received $22.1 million in stimulus money and we spent it on "other".  What is exactly is "other"?  The next highest district was Keller ISD and they received $14.7 million and also spent it on "other" - the rest of them were near the $1 million mark or less that chose "other".

Now I ask you, what on earth did GPISD spend $22.1 MILLION on that would not be teacher effectiveness, or college and career readiness?  Possibly to fund all the superintendent's pet projects - Capturing Kid's Hearts, Lead Your School and the like?  Or maybe not, maybe it was well spent - given the history of this administration and this school board I find that hard to believe but miracles do happen!

I just want to know, what's other?

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